What is an eXception handler ?

The technical term generally defines a programming language construct or computer hardware mechanism designed to handle runtime errors or other problems ( exceptions ) which occur during the execution of a computer program and is further described by wikipedia here.

The name historically derives from a software development paradigm that was first widely introduced in the early 1980s in object oriented paradigms of the programming language C++ with focus on producing better software quality and delivering robust products to the market. The concept was so evolutionary and helpful in manufacturing software that the paradigm became a standard for all modern programming languages.


On a further abstraction layer, business processes of organizations show lots of similarities with processes in computers and networks. Enterprise application integration, Service oriented architecture (SOA), cloud computing and the use of structured management methods like IT infrastructure libraries (ITIL) are widely accepted as keys to success for modern business organisations. But planning and programming in the virtual as in the real world often is error-prone due to complexity and dynamics of fast changing environments, systems, markets, relationships and interfaces. Programming or planning in fast changing environment of global online markets demand concepts and mechanisms which enable you to manage exceptional situations and disruptions that were not foreseen in the program or in the business plans. Agile software development as well as DevOps belong to some of the modern management concepts that help you to keep the pace.  Such exceptional situations have to be handled in a manner that the system – or in equivalence the business – can further execute the core activities and function without crashing. Exceptional activities and solutions are vital for evolutionary transformation in every system and business. Furthermore these exceptions must be handled at minimal resource costs, while not disrupting the major activities and execution of the core business processes, but keeping them from crashing during consolidation, transition or growth phases.

An eXception handler may be
a runtime environment concept to handle special tasks,
a strategy consultant,
a business analyst,
a project manager,
a software architect,
a DevOps manager,
or whatever
for us at least a person who
acts with an agile and holistic perspective on a business organisation.

All our eXception handlers own a higher academic degree, Master or Phd in mathematics, computer sciences and/or business administration, are well-trained team players and specialized in management consulting as well as project management in the online business world. We are proficient in English, French, German and Spanish.
Our customers honour and esteem our loyalty and our secrecy in consulting and solution engineering to exceptional technical and business needs.

Mission statement

Make people and machines work together.
Professionally, efficiently, discreetly, world wide and in Swiss quality


The eXception handler Ltd. company was founded in the year 2000 as a spin off the information technology group itheca Ltd. by part of the original founders.